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Plantilla:Skin entry

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Usage[editar código]

Humane syntax for specifying Hero skin entries in the Skin table.

{{Skin entry|<name>|<skin>|<type>|<cost_usd>|<release_date>|<convert_name_to_link>}}

Parameters[editar código]

The name of the Hero.
The name of the skin.
The type of the skin Rare/Epic/Legendary.
The cost of the skin in USD. Euros (€) and Pounds (£) will automatically be generated.
The date of release.
convert_name_to_link (optional)
If '1', convert the name to a link to the skin section for that Hero.

Examples[editar código]

The following demonstrates the source generated for an entry.

Markup Result
{{Skin entry|Abathur|Pajamathur|Epic|9.99|2014-04-15|1}} Abathur Pajamathur Épica $ 2014-04-15
{{Skin entry|Abathur|Skelethur|Epic|9.99|2014-10-15}} Abathur Skelethur Épica $ 2014-10-15